Our 12 rooms showcase our Mexican craftsmanship, they are all different into several experiences with features: Colors, paintings, furnitures, and breathtaking views...

All have beautiful design, artistic winks, great bedding, beautiful cornices.

Delicate simplicity.

94 Cozy Loft with an incredible view @witgdl

83 Pistachio Flat @witgdl

82 Eucalipto Flat @witgdl

43 Paradise Flat @witgdl

42 Retroclub Flat @witgdl

114 Pampas Penthouse @witgdl

103 Flat in the sky in the heart of americana @witgdl

113 Lavanda Penthouse @witgdl

91 Flat of sounds in the heart of Americana @witgdl

64 Loft of greens in the heart of americana @witgdl

104 Loft in the heart of americana, Have an artsy stay